Bitglass' Zero-day cloud access security broker (CASB) solution uniquely balances cloud agility, security, and user experience. Agentless Zero-day controls for any device. The Bitglass multi-protocol proxy architecture with Zero-Day CASB Core ensures protection from known and unknown data leakage risks and malware threats, on managed and unmanaged apps, as well as on managed and unmanaged devices.

For managed apps, Bitglass provides zero-day support for any application, providing real-time data & threat protection, identity and visibility leveraging on Bitglass’ agentless reverse proxy capability running on patent pending AJAX-VM technology to ensure application resilience and no break down on applications when there are changes. For unmanaged apps, Bitglass' patented-pending machine-learning approach automatically identifies new applications and learns application behaviors and leakage paths, allowing coaching, blocking and zero-day control for any existing or new application on your network.

The advantages of BitGlass include:

  1. Control the flow of sensitive data into and out of the cloud in real time with Bitglass cloud DLP and contextual access control.
  2. Monitor and control data at rest in the cloud via APIs.
  3. User Behavior Analytics - by learning user behavior while simultaneously collecting detailed reporting on transactions done by users; and these data are fed into reporting and dashboard system to enable rapid incident response.
  4. Ensure security and compliance for data-at-rest with searchable Cloud Encryption. Protect data from breaches while preserving full application functionality.
  5. Agentless Zero-Day malware and threat protection

ThreatMetrix solution drive smarter decisions for fraud prevention, authentication and threat detection for digital business. It analyzes millions of transactions in real time across billions of devices for thousands of global digital businesses as it adds new pieces of information into its intelligent database each day.

This intelligence powers ThreatMetrix ID™; a revolutionary technology that comprises a unique and persistent global identifier, a score and a visualization for every end user within the Network. Fraudulent behavior is revealed in real time when it deviates from trusted and established connections. Businesses can better understand who their connecting users are, and whether they are trustworthy.

ThreatMetrix gives businesses the ability to genuinely recognize good, returning customers by collating Digital Identity Intelligence from the complex digital DNA of online transactions; whether logins, payment transactions or new account applications.

The ThreatMetrix Advantage:

  1. Real time fraud decisioning
  2. Customer account takeover protection
  3. Passive authentication for mobile and web
  4. Context based decisioning
  5. BOT and Remote Access Trojan Detection
  6. Identity Spoofing

Menlo Security's Platform isolates attacks while preserving the complete end user experience. Menlo Security’s patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) is the core technology used in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP). In a clear departure from traditional pixel remoting technology, ACR combines a web-based delivery vehicle with a greater understanding of the isolated page to simultaneously enable clientless deployment and a native user-experience. Isolation is available for web malware, phishing attacks and weaponized document.

The Menlo Advantage :

  1. 100% safety via isolation – Stops the constant “good” vs. “bad” decision loop and alleviates unknown exploits, eliminating phishing, malware, and ransomware to keep endpoints safe
  2. Seamless end-user experience – Makes it safe to click for today’s digital workforce, with a native user experience with zero false positives or false negatives
  3. Elastic Cloud simplicity and proven scale – Reduces security cost and complexity, while increasing scale by eliminating endpoint software, outdated network appliances, and web browser plug-ins